2nd Jun, 2009

Be there or be square!

Okay, it’s old – but then so is the Victoria International Jazz Festival – 25 years old this year! Old as they are, though, it’s still one of the best jazz, blues and world music festivals going with enough energy to power the city and enough music to keep us all happy. This year there are over 425 musicians from all over the world. 90 exciting performances in 11 venues.

Check out some of these performers – Nikki Yanofsky, Shuffle Demons, Jason Hwang’s Edge, Blue King Brown, Joyce, Simon Fisk Trio, Duke Robillard Band, Marc Atkinson Electric Band, Monks’ Casino and The Message. Those are just the tip of the iceberg. The venues are great – Hermann’s Jazz Club, the Royal Theatre, Hotel Grand Pacfic, Centennial Square. Not only that, but there’s 5 days of workshops and clinics, generously taught by the Robin Nolan Trio, Kenny Werner, the Jeni Fleming Sextet, Kurt Elling and members of the So What Band. Not only can you listen to great jazz and blues, if you play, you can register for one of the workshops and learn from the masters! Wow – does it get any better? Don’t think so!

The city is filling up fast, and if you’re a jazz, blues or world music fan, and you like to get down and party hardy (yeah, I know, it’s corny – what can I say? I can’t speak jazz!) you better book your rooms now, or there very likely won’t be any by the time the festival opens. Check out our June/July specials, but remember, it’s a two night minimum and it’s subject to availability – of which there isn’t much left!

Come on out to Victoria and enjoy some of the best jazz and blues on the planet!

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