24th Feb, 2011

Butterfly Gardens Was Great

February 17th – The Admiral Tour Group went onto a guided tour of the Butterfly Gardens. It was really great and full of interesting information. Everyone enjoyed it so much that we had to go back into the gardens to do a recount of the guests because they were so into the butterflies.

Lunch started late that day. We ate at Smitty’s and even though its nothing fancy, it was a really good experience. There – we received perfect food, perfect service, and the location was just right!

On March 4th we are going to the “Center of the Universe” an observatory in Saanich to check out the telescopes and then to go on a tour.  It will be lots of fun and packed full f lots of information for sure. Afterward, we are thinking about going to White Spot for lunch – known for their great recipes created by Iron Chef Rob Feenie and the Legendary Burger.

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