2nd Apr, 2011

Is Spring Really Here?

Spring must be here. The cherry blossoms have almost completely bloomed and the sun is shining more each day. Today it is 11 degrees Celsius or 52 degrees Fahrenheit – it’s sunnt but windy so it’s a little chilly. The weather for the week looks good – lots of sun except for Monday and Tuesday.

Fisherman’s Wharf has opened up again to t he public. It’s a great place to go for a walk and check out the funky little houses. You can almost buy some caught fish, or you can buy little fish to feed to the neighboring seals. They’re always there waiting for food. But mostly I have to suggest Barb’s Fish and Chips – great little outside place to eat. Good fish and great chips – the fish is a little greasy, but hey! That’s the way it should be. Am I right? They also sell burgers too – I haven’t had the burger yet, but its definitely something on my to do list.

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