3rd Jul, 2009

Mexico, Art, chess and lights

There’s lots going on in the City of Gardens this month, and we’d love to have you stay at the Admiral while you enjoy any and all of them.

First up, after the spectacular Canada Day celebrations is the continuing Jazzfest – it’s still not too late to come into town to enjoy some of the best jazz on the planet – at various venues through the city, various local, national and international artists and guaranteed good times. Check out the Jazz Society’s website for more detailed information.

Next up is the Festival Mexicano – the weekend of July 9, 10, 11. Organized by the Victoria Multicultural Society as “a way of promoting great food, music and dance.” Sounds like a great party to me! The action starts Friday night as part of the regular Salsa Palace, at 1415 Broad St. and then moves to Centennial square for the next two days. The festival points out that the Centennial Square venue is geared toward family participation, so bring the kids and have a great time! Oh, and it’s free!

Then, for the sun loving art aficionados among us, there’s the Moss Street Paint in – July 18. Now in its 22nd year, the Paint-in takes up all of Moss Street from Fort right down to Dallas road. Over 100 local invited artists display their work and produce their art on the street. Food and beverages available, and there’s  music and refreshments available through the evening. The paint in is free admission.

For those who prefer more sedentary pursuits, there’s the Summer Chess Fest and the Canadian Youth Chess Championships going on at the museum and the Grand Pacific Hotel – but be sure to catch the live person chess game at the Royal BC museum, on July 20 from 1:30 to 3:30 pm. That should be fascinating. The Summer chess fest is only from the 20 to the 21, but the Youth Championships go on until the 24.  Admission is free and the competition should be exciting. (If you like chess!)

Finally, there’s Luminara - the festival of light held in Beacon Hill Park & St. Ann’s Academy on the evening of July 25. Bring lanterns, masks and good spirits for this wonderful event. Not sure about making masks or lanterns? Then check into their lantern and mask workshops, held Sundays in July at 10:00 at the Fairfield Community Centre – cost involved in the workshops. Or, if you’re a last minute type person, the James Bay Community Centre will be holding a workshop on the 23rd – same costs apply for supplies.

All these events take place in beautiful downtown Victoria, not far from the Inner harbour, which the Admiral is adjancent to. We’re within walking distance of everything, so come and stay with us for any or all of these events – or for whatever you want to do. Our friendly and helpful front desk staff will be pleased to answer your questions, make suggestions, book tours and reservations and even draw up an itinerary for you so that your stay with us can be as easy, fun and as problem free as humanly possible. We look forward to seeing you at the Admiral!

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