6th May, 2011

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is JUST around the corner and I’d just like to share with you a couple things you might want to check out.

One thing you definitely want to do is get your mom flowers. Seriously! Everyone loves flowers even if they say they don’t. They smell good, they’re beautiful and provide more oxygen to the atmosphere. They just make people happy. Now there’s a floral arrangement shop just a couple blocks away with a couple cafes around and a grocery store up on the corner of Simcoe and Menzies called Fine Floral Designs”.

Now if you’re a little more interested in taking your mom for a walk along the innner harbour and to look at all the little shops in downtown Victoria, then you want to go to “Flowers on Top” which is on Broad and Broughton. It’s really not far at all from the Empress which is a huge landmark and is where Queen Elizabeth likes to stay.

While Im on this topic. You and your mother would definitely love to have tea at the Empress which starts at 11:30AM and each guest leaves with a commemorative box of Empress Tea. The Empress also has a couple restaurants that are definitely worth checking out  which are the Bengal Lounge and the Empress Room. It’s probably a bit too cold to eat on the Veranda. If you’re going to choose any of these options, the I strongly recommend you make reservations at (250)389-2727.

While you’re treating mom like a queen, why not take a ride around town in a horse drawn carriage. This would be really fun because the carriage is usually decked out in flowers and the driver is usually dress in costume of early 1900’s wear. We can help you out with getting the carriage either to the hotel or two the Empress. Just ask the front desk and we’d certainly be more than happy to make reservations for you.

If you’re looking for a little sometime more laid back. Why not take a Kabuki Cab to the Local Kitchen in Bastion Square? Kabuki Cabs are a fun way to get around town. Kabuki Cabs are fully trained pedicab drivers. They can also give you a little tour information about the stuff you’re passing as he gives you a ride around town.

Another thing  you would definitely want to check out is the Butchart Gardens which has several different types of flowers and plants and ponds and such all year room which different types of plants depending on the season. Just across the street is the Butterfly Gardens which is definitely something you’ll want to see! It’s filled with many different species of beautiful butterflies in a tropical setting with different types of parrots as well. Not only is it exciting to see, but  I’m really excited about the price as well – $15 per adult / $10 pet senior and only $5 for kids! You can easily get there by just simply catching the Butchart Bus at the front of the hotel or you can take the long route but also the cheaper route and take public transit.

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