10th Mar, 2011

Rainy, with a chance of sunshine!

Just yesterday we went onto our tour to Fort Rodd Hill. It was raining on the way there so we were prepared to take the tour with umbrellas, but the moment we got off the bus – the sun came out. We were guided through Fort Rodd from the gates to the lighthouse and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

We followed the tour with lunch as the oldest pub in BC – “Six Mile Pub” – where everyone enjoyed their meals. You might even go as far to say that the quality of the food is “world class”.

Welcome to the Six Mile Pub. Established in 1855, we are the oldest pub in B.C. Our reputation is and always has been built on serving the best pub food in Victoria. Alway generous portions at reasonable prices, we have recently added premium quality steaks to our menu. A full time baker prepares burger buns, foccacia breads and desserts fresh daily. We have a large selection of draught beers available and an award winning wine list that features some of the best BC wines. – Six Mile Pub’s Website

On another note. Currently the weather is overcast with a chance of showers at 8 degrees Celsius or 48 degrees Fahrenheit. theweathernetwork.com is currently calling out for a wind warning. Looks like this week will be filled with rain, so don’t forget to pack your umbrella! If you don’t have an umbrella, don’t fret – we have some for you to borrow!

Next week we will be taking our tour group out to the Parliament Buildings with lunch followed by at lunch in the Legislative Dining Room – don’t forget to bring your passport or ID for you’ll need it due to the area being of high security.

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