26th Jun, 2011

Redevelopment of the Admiral Inn property

Dear Valued Guests

We regret to advise you that  the request for redevelopment has been approved.  This means,once the developers secure city building permits and pre- sell at least 50 % of the building,  The Admiral Inn, as we know it, will close it’s doors.

We have been guaranteed to remain open for Canadian Thanks Giving /Marathon  Weekend of Oct 7-11 2011.  It is  likely we will stay open until years end and possible to be open in 2012.    We will keep you posted of further developments.

We have enjoyed welcoming guest  for over 25 years.  We will continue to do so until the very last second before the doors are shut forever.

Our regulars and winter snow birds who  have made us their home away from home and those of you who have visited us once or twice have made the Admiral a great place be.  We’ve had fun, laughs and generally enjoyed serving all of you. Thank you for making this happen.

We have been pursuing the other hotels in the area to let you know which ones could suit your specific needs so we may give you referrals or make the arrangements on your behalf.

We would love it if you could visit us before we close.   We will keep you posted on the coming events.  Please keep checking our blog found on the right hand side, top bar of our web page.



will you be open late oct.

The timing of the development is very uncertain at this time. From all indicators I believe we will be open. We will keep you posted via blog and emails.
Be assured we will look after all reservations when the time eventually arrives.
Let us know when you want to come and your requirements and we will look after you. Just click on the link “reservations”

hope it’s still the lovely friendly place that we’ve seen on the tripadvisor site as we arrive on Aug 22 from Australia….Rod

We remain and will for some time to come, the friendly place you’ve viewed on Trip Advisor. We will definitely be open on Aug 22/11 and you will receive a warm welcome. Let us know if there are any sightseeing arrangements you require.


Thank you for asking. More than likely we will be open, so go ahead and book by clicking the the reservation link. Be assured that we will look after all our future guests. If you have or had a reservation at our hotel you will be kept up to date via email. If not stay tuned to our blog.

We had a very wonderful experience this last week-1 Mother, 2 adult daughters and 1 granddaughter. We had a ground level room-perfect for a stroller. The staff were all very friendly and extremely willing to accomodate. Wish I would have discovered Admiral Inn years ago.

Thank you so much. We enjoy having family gatherings. They always seem to be so happy. Hope to welcome all of you again.

Debra Taylor Wright
General manager

We are taking bookings for 2012 and hope to hear from all our past guests. We love having lots of guests to talk with. Hope to see you soon.

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