30th Sep, 2009

September & October are whales of a vacation.

If you’ve ever wanted to whale watch, or you’ve been whale watching with no luck, now is the time to come to Victoria and check out the Orcas. Fall is salmon spawning time, and some Orcas dine on nothing else – so they congregate here in Victoria to feast on the salmon returning to the streams and rivers of the island. Not only that, but the humpback whales are moving around, and this is on their migration route – so you may get to see some of the most magnificent cetacetans of the planet. And just to top off your trip, the sea lions are also migrating – and we’re on the path of two different species, both of whom like to hang out around Race Rocks. And if, like one of our employees, you happen to be out during a herring run, you might have the incredible luck to see the sea birds congregating on a small patch of sea as they hunt and eat the herring – thousands and thousands of them in less than 20 cubic feet. Be sure to check out Bev’s blog for her account of a recent whale watching trip.

If you’re coming to Victoria, we’d be glad to have you stay with us. We can book the whale tours for you, provide more hot chocolate after your trip and enthuse with you on how close the wildlife is in this beautiful city. Located on the inner harbour, we’re a short walk away from several whale watching locations, as well as most of the rest of downtown. Be sure to check out the museums and the art galleries while you’re here, and check with us for upcoming events. When you stay at the Admiral, you’ll awake refreshed, ready to enjoy all that Victoria’s downtown and downtown harbour have to offer.

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