3rd Mar, 2011

Snow Day

The  23rd we had a huge snow storm! We got about 20 cm of snow. It was totally insane. So unfortunately we had to cancel our tour to the Maritime Museum. It wasn’t even open anyways. But we will be going to the Maritime Museum on March 24th.

Due to the snow we stayed in instead. We ordered about 7 large pizzas from Ali Baba pizza and just about EVERYONE from the hotel came in to eat. You could tell it was good because the moment people were eating the pizza, the room was silent separated with a couple “mmm’s”.

The good news is that the snow has melted! Most of us doesn’t miss it at all. It’s currently 8 degrees Celsius or 46 degrees Fahrenheit and partly cloudy. Tomorrow it will be about the same temperature but the weather report IS calling for rain. So don’t forget to pack your umbrella!

Tomorrow we will be taking the guests of the Admiral Inn to the Center of the Universe observatory followed by lunch at  Romeo’s. This is our biggest tour yet with 26 people! This means we’ve had to get a bigger bus.

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