7th Apr, 2011

Sports and Good Rates

So apparently it’s sports season. It must be because the sun is finally shining! I hope I haven’t jinxed it by blogging about it. But it’s so nice to finally see the sun shining more often. Agreed?

Last month we have hockey and swimming competitions with the best swimmers from across Canada. This month, we have soccer, hockey and rugby tournaments all over Victoria and the lower peninsula. There will be hockey teams coming from as far as California and Japan as well! 

May is a pretty big deal -  the top thing on my list is the Times Colonist 10k run – which is setting a record for participants this year; and also Stars on Ice will be here! More details for upcoming events will be provided if you stay tuned.


Now if you want to stay with us at a cheap rate - we can offer you the “Bare Bones” special which is $76 /night but it does not include parking, breakfast or bike rentals.  It’s a significant discount from our regular rate of $129 /night which does include all of the discluded items from the Bar Bones special. But this rate is perfect if you are looking for a clean and quiet place to sleep at night in a relatively safe neighborhood.

Another special we currently have on is the Seasonal Special which is currently $86 /night and included your continental breakfast, parking, wifi, and bikes. The catch is that you have to book for a 3 night minimum stay, pay in advance and it is non refundable. So if you know that you are coming here for sure for 3 nights then book now!


Here is a link to the Times Colonist 10k Race website.

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