21st Apr, 2009

Spring has finally sprung

After what felt like the coldest, windiest, snowiest winter in Victoria’s history, it looks as though spring has finally broken through. It’s warm and sunny with a lovely gentle breeze and that robin’s egg blue sky that you only ever see in the spring in Victoria.

All over the city the cherry trees are in bloom, tulips are nodding in the wind, daffodils are trumpeting their joy and hyacinth and camelia blossoms are everywhere. Birds are returning in droves, joining our feathered friends who winter here, and if the construction industry could contract for the amount of nest building that’s going on, we’d have no unemployment at all!

The forecast is for temperatures up to 18 degrees centigrade (that’s about 64 Farenheit) this week, and sunny skies every day.

If you’re wondering where to spend the weekend, or want to get away, now’s the time! Come on out to our city, and stay here, at the Admiral and share our joy in the warm spring sunshine. Our prices can’t be beat and we too are smiling at the sun. $99.00 to $109.00 for a regular room, and $129.00 to $139.00 for a suite or best view room. (Prices based on double occupancy and before taxes.) We’re pet friendly too, so bring the family dog or cat with you and let them run in some of our wonderful leash free parks and dog runs here in the city!

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