25th Aug, 2009

Summer’s ending and the fun is just beginning!

Summer’s end might mean back to school for some, but even if the last days of August bring a frisson of trieste, and regret for how fast it went (and it flashed by this year, didn’t it?), that doesn’t mean that Victoria is rolling up the carpets quite yet. Known as one of the most cultural cities in Canada (thanks to MacLean’s Magazine), we have a slew of activities happening for the next few weeks.

Leading off the list is a close – the Summer under the Stars, produced and mounted by the Canadian Pacific Ballet, will be having its last performance on August 26. But stay tuned, because this wonderful company will be presenting more ballets that showcase both local and visiting talent. Watch this space for information, or go to their website, for upcoming shows.

It’s the time of year for the Fringe Festival, which kicks off around town on August 27, and continues, at various venues everywhere in Victoria until Sept 6. Check their website for information. As an added attraction on August 29, in Market Square, there’s Fringekids Fest – an all day family fun event featuring face painting, live entertainment, and a giant cardboard castle for kids to romp in and on. Don’t miss this if you have little ones, ankle biters or rug rats who need or want entertainment for the day. Call 250-383-2663 for more information.

On August 28, the One Wave Festival gets underway at the Solstice Cafe. The One Wave Festival was conceived to raise awareness of the South Pacific and the links to our own shores through shared waves and ocean currents, rich Indigenous cultures and a web of biodiversity that is under intense threat from pollution and climate change. It is also an opportunity to celebrate the ancient Polynesian sport of he’e nalu and its expression in the unique surf culture of the BC Coast. The second annual festival will include two events: A Pacific Perspective: August 28th, 7pm at Solstice Cafe (529 Pandora) A by-donation community event aimed at creating awareness about climate justice in the South Pacific. Some of the highlights will be spoken word and poetry performances by the Victoria Poetry Slam Team, traditional Kaneka music from New Caledonia with local band No-Issues, and traditional costumed dances performed by a group of South Pacific Islanders. The evening will also feature Pacific-themed food and a display of skimboards and skateboards painted by local artists, all celebrating the ties between traditional and contemporary cultures of the Pacific. Reef or Madness: August 29th 9:00pm-1:00am at the White Eagle Hall (90 Dock St.)This will be a raucous soiree showcasing local ska and reggae music, dance, and delicious food and beverages. We are excited to have Brave New Waves, Great White Shark, Arise, DJ Hayden and Blank Space for the lineup! There will be giveaways and an auction of skateboards and skimboards painted by local artists.  Tickets $13.00 available at Lyle’s Place.

If you’re interested in any of these events, they all happen within walking distance of the beautiful downtown Inner Habour location of the Admiral Inn, and we’d love to be your inner harbour accommodation while you see these and the other wonderful sights and sounds of Victoria during the last days of August.

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