3rd Feb, 2010

The “Little Bit of Everything” Getaway

There is so much going on in Victoria this week, there’s no way we can list it all! Everything from nature outings and lectures to dance, music, gardens, gaming and much, much more!

Konwebsiteimage1-fullsizeStarting off with the highly cultural, Canadian Pacific  Ballet will be mounting Konservatoriat, a marriage by advertisment February 13 and 14. A restaging of the esteemed Dutch ballet by renowned coreographer Kennet Oberly brings to renewed life the story of a lovesick man, overlooked true love, a practical joking ballet company and the 19th century.  Be sure to take that special somone and enjoy the dance!

gamesFebruary 5 to 7, if you game, you’ll  want to be sure to catch GottaCon - the second annual gaming convention. Boasting game of all kinds, from computer, to video to board and role playing, the event last year attracted over 800 game happy participants. This year the fun should be even better – there are workshops, games, vendors, food and costume judging. This year’s presenters include Dead Gentlemen Productions, filmmakers specializing in gamer films, David Pulver author and game designer, LoadingReadyRun, Karl Johanson, editor & award winning editor, game editor and SF expert, Eric Seaton, writer and game designer. It’s sure to be a weekend to remember.

birds courtingFor those more naturally inclined, be sure to be at Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary on Feb. 14 to listen and watch as local bird biologist, James Clowater, delivers a multi-media presentation on Valentine’s day among the birds. He’ll show and discuss the courting habits of a number of species of birds, how they use plumage and display to both impress their intendeds, and discourage their competitors. Love Among the Feathers is bound to be fun and entertaining.

lost fingersIf it’s music you’re looking for, then be sure to check out The Lost Fingers, a platinum record band with Juno nominations, Fan Choice awards and the Album of the year awards. They’re an acoustic jazz trio from Quebec who draw their primary inspiration from gypsy jazz icon Django Reinhardt. Appearing at The Victoria Event Centre, 1415 Broad St Feb. 12 only.

where the blood mixesFor theatre buffs, Belfry Theatre’s Where the Blood Mixes is ongoing until Feb. 21. Irreverently funny and brutally honest, Where the Blood Mixes is an extremely moving story of loss and redemption from a shameful episode in our national history.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg – you’ll have to come to us, here adjacent to the beautiful downtown Inner Harbour, within minutes of most of the Victoria’s attractions, at the Admiral Inn. We have packages and specials available, as well as tours and events of our own. An inexpensive, but not cheap place to stay while you enjoy the last of a mild winter and the arrival of a spectacular spring, the Admiral is eager to welcome you to your home away from home!

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