5th Nov, 2010

The Play, the Song, the Laughs, the Beer.


It’s a full roster for the next couple of weeks. If you aren’t enjoying Victoria’s actors, you’ll be thrilling to the incredible music of the guitar, or laughing till your sides ache at the comedy festival, and don’t forget to try out Spinnaker’s special beer. Fall means settling in, settling down for the long winter’s nap in many parts of the world, and we won’t deny that losing the light makes us want to curl up for a cozy nap in front of the fire, with mulled wine or a hot toddy to wake us, but we still like getting out and about here in staid old Victoria, so join us as we show you what we’re up to for the next little while.

life inside

You must see, sometime between November 16 and December 19, this play at the Belfrey. Based on Maurice Maeterlinck’s 1895 play, Interieur, The Life Inside is a unique piece of music theatre created specifically for the Belfry and the largest production in our history. Like their celebrated adaptation of Crime and Punishment, Tait and composer Pankanea have crafted a highly stylized, almost cinematic piece that engages both the heart and the mind. Peasants on a country estate must deliver the tragic news of a young girl’s death to her family, seen only through the windows of their home. The tensions between life and death, happiness and profound sadness, blissful ignorance and painful knowledge give The Life Inside a bittersweet, aching quality, and a connection to a universal wisdom as old as man.


This year marks the 11th annual International Guitar Night (IGN) tour covering the United Kingdom, Canada and the USA. Featuring Alexandre Gismonti, exciting young Brazilian guitarist and son of the legendary Egberto Gismonti, and Pino Forastiere from Italy, one of the leading players of the new contemporary steel string guitar world and Brian Gore.  In IGN Canada and USA’s tours, Brian will be joined by Clive Carroll, England’s show-stopping steel string guitarist and favorite IGN alumnus, along with Alexandre Gismonti and Pino Forastiere. Nov. 20 at the Alix Goolden Hall.

just for laughs

The Capital One Just For Laughs Comedy Tour is back with a 10th Anniversary Alumni line-up. This great show features very special guest Jeremy Hotz – Canada’s unhappiest comedic star! Hosted by Italian-Canadian Frank Spadone and featuring Robert Kelly from the new TV show Louie, Gina Yashere and Last Comic Standing’s Ryan Hamilton. Do not miss this amazing roster of Just For Laughs Alumni when the Capital One Just For Laughs Comedy Tour returns to Victoria Nov. 9 & 10 at the Macpherson Playhouse.


Tickets are now on sale for Spinnakers’ Fall Firkin Festival on November 20. Admission includes a souvenir 5 oz. glass and 3 beers. Additional tasters are $1.00 each. There are only 100 tickets available and can be picked up at the front desk at the pub. This event will sell out, so get your tickets now.

Oh, and a firkin is a nine gallon cask, in case you wondered (or had read Terry Pratchett.) Yep, it’s getting cold and rainy here in the old town. But at the Admiral, we have warmth of body, warmth of spirit and bright, attractive rooms and suites at cheap, down to earth prices. We’re close to all downtown attractions and amenities, we are adjacent to Victoria’s beautiful inner harbour and we have a number of quality, reasonably priced restaurants within a minute or two’s walk of our front door. How can you say no? When there’s so much going on, with a cozy, home away from home atmosphere here? Book your vacation, your getaway or your business trip (and we can accomodate business travelers) with us today. Daily, weekly and monthly rates will pleasantly surprise you.

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