10th Mar, 2010

Vacation with Raptors or Art

The skies are filled with the whirr and flutter of wings and the backyards are alive with returning birds. Flickers, robins, starlings, finches and many, many more have made their reappearance in the city. We’ve got some birds in the hotel, but they come from the east as well as the south – they’re our long term stay guests and if you’re interested in wintering in one of the nicest climates in Canada, be sure to check out our (brand new and shiny!) web page for prices and availability. The rooms and suites go fast though, so you’d better make your plans now!


It’s not often we get the chance to see members of the raptor family up close. And no, that’s not a dinosaur refugee from Jurassic Park or a member of the Toronto Raptors incognito at the Admiral, either! It’s the hawk and eagle family of birds, the hunters and predators of the area. If you are interested in wild birds, especially the noble and elegant hawks and eagles, plan a visit to Pacific Northwest Raptors wildlife center, just near Duncan BC. The centre serves teh public as an educational and entertainment centre, and the raptors as a rehabilitation, refuge and rescue centre. All the birds there that can fly do so daily and are often used in pest control, search and rescue as well as other tasks suited to their nature and temperment.  The centre is open from March to October, with very reasonable admission prices.

victoria art gallery

Once you’ve finished ooing and aahing over the beauty of the birds, be sure to stop by the Victoria Art Gallery and enjoy man made, but no less beautiful art – especially as the gallery is exhibiting the origins of it’s collection until the end of the month. Enjoy not only our own Emily Carr, but some of the masters that began the Victoria Gallery’s collection.


For most of us, the holidays are all about peace, giving and happiness, but for comedy superstar Jeremy Hotz the holiday season is just, well, COLD… Join Jeremy on Friday March 12 at the MacPherson Playhouse for this hilarious show.


And be sure not to miss Pearson College’s One World on Saturday, March 13 at 8 pm at the Royal Theatre. Each year the international students of Pearson College in Victoria share the music and dance of their homelands through their performance of the One World Concert. Come and enjoy the exciting songs and dances of our global cultures.

From wildlife in the hills to wildlife in the city, Victoria can offer it all to you.  And what better place to stay than the quiet (the better to recover from all the wild life!), clean and cheap Admiral Inn? Whether you’re avoiding the cold and snow of winter, or you’re vacationing during the spring break, or just taking a couple of days away from routine, we’re looking forward to welcoming you and making you feel (except for the lack of chores and the elimination of the day to day grind) as if you’d never left home. Located adjacent to Victoria’s gorgeous inner harbour and just down the street from the Parliament buildings, we are within walking distance of most of the city’s attractions, shopping and nightlife. Book now for your stay with us, on our new website’s reservations page.

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